Please Do Not Turn Off Your Console

The pot bellied pig grunts softly, hearing a scuffle. What are those llamas up to, it wonders? Should it say something? Maybe it is best to let rowdy llamas lie. 

We had a lot of ground to cover, so this is another long one. In our defense Matt and Aaron had lots of important content to cover, such as: What is espresso anyway? Gronkster, 666 Monster Lady, Dr Naomi Hunter, don't swallow your damn gum, important llama facts, Army of Darkness, Cheecho the pot-bellied pig, reset the internet, Alien Isolation, just straight up Alien talk, and Sigourney Weaver is a good actress, okay?

Also, it turns out Aaron fucked up how to find us on YouTube. Search Do Not Turn Off Your Console, or click this handy link.


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Paul's daughter joins the podcast and boy oh boy does she have an OPINION to share. You maybe can hear her in the background? Such is the way of things.

Honestly, we recorded this a day ago and I can't really remember what all we talked about so uh... I think we talked about video games? Probably? Shit. I dunno. I now realize why we usually do these show notes directly after recording.

Oh shit! We talked some about Destiny, and uh.. uh... fuck, I lost it again.

Opening theme: "Nein, Mann!" - Lazerkraftwerk 3d

Closing theme: "End Credits" - Commander Blood

Intermission: "Intermission" - Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Monty Python and the Holy Grail Film Soundtrack

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You must not drink this ginger ale. It is too raw and real for you, it was never intended to be consumed. You must let it pass you by, and thank the gods that it never passed your lips. We have other things to discuss. Video games, perhaps. Perhaps you will find succor in this discussion.

Also discussed: Reverse Adult Snuggles, Deutschlandradio, Tissue talk, seltzer vs still, soda stories, gingerale mythbusters, Chappie, Streaming Video Content, Watts for days, double updates, Destiny, KOF XIV, SFV, antiquing. 

Here's the article on Vernor's Ginger Ale

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Closing theme is Data and Picard by Pogo

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Hey look, I can't be on the top of my game every time, okay? Sometimes you're going to get a bad title.

Paul returns to the podcast and brings with him Sam to talk Destiny: Rise of Iron, but not before a brief digression into Gears of War, Halo 5, Red Dead Redemption, and maybe Skyrim? I dunno.

Uh, I was supposed to put some links in here, wasn't I?

That dude's patreon:

That one Mafia III video:

Man, I'm tired.

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Did you know that Germany has a holiday to celebrate not being split into East and West anymore? Well you do now, and so does Aaron, who walked to work anyway. Fortunately between you and me, he could probably use the exercise, so it wasn't a big loss. Paul was feeling lazy, so Matt and Aaron took over again, and bring what is probably their most coherent podcast yet, which means that they actually talk about some video games!

What video games, you ask? Well, how about h a c k m u d? Or FFXV? Or some other stuff, like dinner times, Ric Flair, Cobra, Jeepers Creepers, Snakes on a Plane, Salty Bet, [adult swim], Inuyasha, Destiny, Hunter the Lynx, Hot Linux Distros, SFV, Melty Blood,  and CEOtaku?

Yes I know, not all of those were games. Shut up.I also know these aren't the usual intro and outros. Look, I still don't have my PC, okay? 

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Wow, what happened at the beginning of that podcast? Did you all see our special guest, the new mascot of the Edmonton Oilers? Wasn't that weird and not at all rehearsed (no, really, it wasn't at all)? What a way to start a podcast about video games, right?


Discussed this week: Cheeto Chicken Fries, Destiny, Destiny, whatever the hell Aaron talked about, Destiny, Urien's asbestos dick, and some other stuff that I've already forgotten. I'll listen to this episode myself and we will find out together! Won't that be nice?

Opening theme: "Back to the Light" - Jun Fukuda, Killer7

Closing theme: "Rave On" - Masafumi Takada, Killer7

Dispatch opening: "Americans Abroad" - Against Me! New Wave

Dispatch closing: "Ballad of the Sin Eater" - Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, Hearts of Oak



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Oh god, Paul's still not around to reel it in, so it's just Aaron and Matt again in what critics are already calling a tour de force and please god why won't someone make it stop already. But hey, we actually talked about some video games for a while, mostly Street Fighter V.

Also discussed: Kit Kats, chip talk, Dunkin Donut's sticky surprise, your masturbation headspace, a close shave, ladies love cool Ken, Down Towards Twice, late title cards, Atlanta, don't do LSD, Columbia House CDs, Val Kilmer is in Top Gun, MY POWER MY PLEASURE MY PAAAAIN, Norman Reedus Meter Maid, a brief German Q&A, and speedy racecars.

Opening song is Kiss from a Rose by Seal

Closing song is Wild Wild West by Will Smith

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They said it couldn't be done. They said the show would fall apart without Paul to be the anchor for Aaron and Matt's rambling ways. That all would fall to ruin and the only signs that a podcast had actually happened would be an incoherent mess of shouting and a window into madness that overstayed its welcome. In the end, they said, the podcasting software itself would be the only thing that could stop them.

They were probably right.

Also discussed: Candy corn, beer for sale, suicide, more very special episodes, keeping it fatherly, Shasta McNasty, Xanga, Action Bronson, documentaries, Bojack, Life is Strange, UBERMOSH, laundering money, envelope theft, rap non sequiturs, PS4 pro, Windows Pro, upgrading your laptop, technology dads, and weddings. 

No opening or closing theme, because Aaron forgot he didn't have those files on this computer. I guess technically he could have grabbed them off his backup drive, but that is more effort than he is willing to expend this evening.

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Did you hear about this? Did anyone see this? Nintendo made an endless runner using the Mario franchise! Too bad they got beat to the punch by about a million other folks, am I right?

*adjusts tie*

We've got a really great show for you tonight folks, Aaron Poppleton is here! He's gonna tell us exactly how urgent his need to evacuate is. Paul Poppleton is here to talk about World of Warcraft and the state of his bedroom! Sony is here to provide.. well, they're sure it's a great idea and we should trust them, right?

We'll be right back after the break with Puzzles the Flatulent Feline!

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What could it mean? A new Metal Gear game? A new Metal Gear collection of an older Metal Gear game? Or maybe we're just back to podcasting and getting our sea legs, which are not the sort of legs you use whilst on a trolley but still might come in helpful! They are the sort of legs that helped us bring a new podcast to you, specifically you. Not you, though. We're not sure where you came from.

Discussed this week: World of Warcraft. That's pretty much it, but I'm sure Aaron probably talked about Pathologic again. He can't resist it! I certainly don't know, because he recorded his dispatch separately from the rest of us and I did NOT listen to it before splicing it into the middle of this episode like some mad Doctor Frankenstein (That's Frahnkenshteen).

Opening theme music was Back to the Light, by Jun Fukuda. Closing theme music was Rave On, By Masafumi Takada. Both are on the Killer7 soundtrack, which you should probably own by now.

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