Please Do Not Turn Off Your Console (streams)


Aaron decided to kill a blood-starved beast, Aaron's internet decided it didn't enjoy giving sufficient bandwidth to stream, and twitch decided to freeze and stutter a bit. But at least you can listen to the end! Too bad you can't see anything for the last five minutes, huh?

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Hey, here comes the second installment of this silly-ass feature chuggin' down the tracks. Am I allowed to call it a feature if I've only done it twice? Well, whatever. This episode sees our intrepid Deprived lady make her way through the opening moves of the game, in a much more entertaining and action-packed way than the previous episode. It's also longer than the previous one. And maybe there's a bit more conversation? I dunno, this stuff is hard to figure out.

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Well, for whatever reason Aaron decided to go back to Bloodborne after a lengthy hiatus. It goes about as well as you'd assume it would - which is to say I hope you like watching him die a lot.

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What better way to kick off a playthrough of Dark Souls II than to do it half-drunk at 1 in the morning?


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A tragedy in two parts. First, Aaron tried to pilot some mechs and killdozers to destabilize a nation for his corporate overlords. It uh... didn't go so well.

Then, he tried to pull off some stealthy heists and other acts of corporate espionage in an effort to save his fellow corporate espionage allies. It uh... well, it started off well, anyway?


Sorry he was a bit quiet in that second stream. It is the way of things.

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Yes, well, sometimes you want to get a podcast out the door but instead you end up with a Destiny stream that happens days after you should have uploaded that podcast that, by the way, doesn't exist. Hey, but Sam's here! And Matty Business! And me, Paul! Y'all want to see some relatively competent Destiny? BUCKLE UP.


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