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We're Back! A Dinosaur's Tale. And the mic... the mic is HOT. So I'm sorry about that right off the bat. Guess my settings changed at some point and I did not adjust for that.

A boss died in this video, so in that respect it is a solid video. I dunno what else to say, other than I think I did surprisingly well this go-round.

And again, real sorry about that hot mic. It'll be better next time, I promise.

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What with all the talk of Mass Effect and people saying Mass Effect Andromeda is bad (it's not, it's fine), Aaron got the itch to go back to Mass Effect 1. And, because he's never done a total Paragon route, he is going to be on his best space behavior.

This episode, we meet Jane Shepard and take a nice leisurely trip to Eden Prime. Kaiden dies.

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At least for a little while longer, I think?

 Oh hey! There has been a beta for Street Fighter V going on for a while now, and, well, Aaron figured he might as well do a little investigating, particularly when it comes to the changes they made to Cammy.

They're pretty good changes!

Also, he plays about the most embarrassing Ryu imaginable and spends a little quality time with Juri. You can even see him rank up and immediately rank back down again! It's a good time. We have some good times.

Come have a good time with us, won't you?

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See, I told you that we'd figure out the whole messed up video thing. This one is just big and meaty, full of that good, good, Dark Souls II. The sort of thing that every growing boy, girl, and genderfluid or genderqueer person needs.

Not gonna lie, I got summoned at one point because I accidentally put down my summon sign, so you'll see me kill some stuff twice, but honestly I was on the hottest of streaks today so just enjoy my raw prowess at this game. After last time's debacle, both in the form and content of the video, this is a hell of a refresher. Kick back, relax, and enjoy, y'all. I may or may not have another episode up tomorrow. Haven't decided! This thing took forever to export and upload!

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Oh lads, oh ladies, oh we are back and we are rusty and we are... recording in a messed up aspect ratio because OBS can't handle oversampling correctly, I guess? We'll have to go back and figure that one out for next time.

So enjoy this VERY UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL episode of Death Becomes Her, and we promise to do better next time.

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I refuse to answer for this title, do you hear me? Especially because you know someone's already used it before. You HACK.

In an effort to take his mind off the huge bummer we aren't going to talk about, Aaron decided to play some Street Fighter - and what's more, he decided to give Kolin a shot and actually attempt to learn a little bit of stuff with her.

Not too much though - he's still bad at Street Fighter, after all. But carried mostly off gimmicks and the unfamiliarity of most players with Kolin because she hasn't been out that long, he does manage some close matches (and even a few wins)! There's just snow way of knowing what we'll do next!



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What should have just been a short test stream to see if maybe some new settings would improve the quality of video archives (and by extension the stuff that gets uploaded here) turned into a painful reminder that Street Fighter V is very fun but also very hard to play well.

In other words, Aaron messes about with Cammy and, much like life in general, wins some and loses some. He also dicks around in practice mode with Juri (and very briefly looks at S2's Akuma and Kolin before deciding y'all don't need to see him fumble around in the dark with these dudes).

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So! Some stuff happened. Namely, some footage got lost, by which I mean an entire episode's worth of footage got lost. But don't worry! I made up for it with this episode, in which we take part in a SUMMONSTRAVAGANZA and level up a bunch.

It's the Souls I was born to play, baby!

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 What better time than the announcement of a sequel to Shadow of Mordor to actually get around to making some progress in Shadow of Mordor?

That's what Aaron thinks, anyway. Lots of orcs lose their heads in this one. Also, Aaron looks vaguely competent as a player of video games, which is a new one. Don't worry though, he's not that competent. Let's not get carried away.

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Did you think I forgot to record one of these this weekend? Well, honestly, you're absolutely right. I clean forgot. But here it is anyway! The Third Part of our wonderful journey through the lands of Drangleic. Is it Drangleic or Drangelic?

It's Drangleic. I checked.

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