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The gang's all here and you've been presented with an extra long episode because we had a lot of ground to cover. Aaron's been in an arcade the last few weeks and you best believe he's got some things to say about the experience. Also did you know you can play Street Fighter both in arcades and in your own homes (and there was a movie too)? Because you can and we're going to talk a lot about that! 

Also on the docket, some Grim Dawn discussion, some Dark Souls discussion, Aaron gets grumpy about the response to things that are free and also play okay, and, starting at about... 1:12:45 we discuss Firewatch's plot for the rest of the show, so if you're avoiding spoilers on that one stop early.

Opening song is Exile - The Next Door - Indestructible (English Version) from the Street Fighter IV soundtrack, closing song is Ibuki Stage - Twilight from the Street Fighter III OST.

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Aaron couldn't make it this week, so you know what that means! It means some strong opinions about pickles, a discussion of the latest cuisines at Burger King, and us talking over the intro music because I just cannot. Be. Bothered.

If you make it through all that, your reward is some hot Street Fighter talk (Both USFIV and the newly-released Street Fighter V). There's some quick Firewatch discussion, but don't worry! We didn't spoil anything about it. Go play Firewatch now, though, because next week shit is gonna get real spoilery up in here.

Finally, thrill at the return of the long-absent news section! Warren Spector's making another System Shock! Ubisoft isn't making another Assassin's Creed this year! The Vive is $800! Fuck!

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Opening theme music was Back to the Light, by Jun Fukuda. Closing theme music was Rave On, By Masafumi Takada. Both are on the Killer7 soundtrack, which you should probably own by now.

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We get right down to the nitty gritty in this episode, with Aaron pitching a new podcast idea, Paul talking about VR porn, Matt talking about Randy Savage. I guess there's some video game talk in there too--specifically we talk Eidolon, X-Com 2, Firewatch (even though that isn't out until Tuesday), the appearance and disappearance of Red Dead Redemption, and Street Fighter fight pads. 

Opening music is Back to the Light by Jun Fukuda off of Killer 7. Closing music is Rave On, by Masafumi Takada, also off of Killer 7.

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Everyone put on your best pair of reading glasses and grab some tea or coffee or some other classy thing, because things got real damn literary up ins and it is (mostly) Aaron's fault. We rap about Darkest Dungeon and Churchill Solitaire for a while, but once we get into discussing the Witness shit begins to pop off in a major way. Witness (ha!) the deployment of a sick Jonathan Franzen burn, followed by a discussion about The Ice-Bound Compendium, which was created specifically to make Aaron lose his goddamn mind and ramble about Danielewski books for several minutes. Plus, Skype is a piece of shit!

Seriously though check out The Ice-Bound Compendium. 

Opening music is Back to the Light by Jun Fukuda off of Killer 7. Closing music is Rave On, by Masafumi Takada, also off of Killer 7.

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Nobody's willing to talk to him about it either, because he's Lobo and in denial. But we all want to make sure he knows that we support him and are ready to talk about his problem when he's comfortable. 

Also discussed: childhood piano lessons, D4, Watchmen, Mortal Kombat, and uh... wrestling. Look, it won't happen again.

Video games!

Opening theme is Back to the Light by Jun Fukuda. Closing theme is Ain't No Sunshine, by DMX.

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Early in the show I knew precisely what the title for this podcast was going to be. It sprung from my head, fully formed, like unto Athena from the forehead of Zeus. It would have been magical, y'all. Instead you get this shit. I lost it. All is lost.

A lot of talk this week about sad teens making tough decisions, as Aaron played some more Life is Strange, saw the ending, and played some Oxenfree (also TRIMPS. Send help). Paul, meanwhile, was all about his Pocket Mortys and a discussion about Matt's Lumberjacking habit and free to play stuff in general, including something about a Ghost in the Shell shooter? Also: PET TALK.


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David Bowie is dead and that's utter garbage, but we pulled ourselves out of our funk and brought you a podcast about video games. We played a lot of those, actually, and talk about Skyrim, Syndicate, CODBLOPS III, Satellite Reign, Bloodborne, Kings Quest, and UBERMOSH.

Go play UBERMOSH right now.

Also, the Oculus is real expensive and piracy might be DOOOMED. 

Oh, and at some point Paul sounds like he's calling into local sports radio, but that's how it goes sometimes.

Opening music was Rebel Rebel, off Diamond Dogs. Closing music was Queen Bitch, off Hunky Dory.

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Look, Aaron had a cold and this all got a little weird, okay? Enjoy listening to his husky, congested voice as we discuss Cibele, Invisible Inc., Undertale, Rogue Galaxy, Pathologic (sort of), and other stuff.

Most importantly we chat about 2016, and Aaron performs COMMERCE LIVE and UNCENSORED.

Also wait the Witness is out this month? And Hyper Light Drifter too? Be still, our beating hearts.

Opening music is Back to the Light by Jun Fukuda off of Killer 7. Closing music is Rave On, by Masafumi Takada, also off of Killer 7.

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Star Wars happened, and we do our damnedest (successfully) to not talk spoilers but uh... you might not like the alternative. There's some yelling. 

Also Aaron's back.

Opening is A New Hope by Blink 182. Closing is Yub Nub, covered by Parry Gripp.

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Yeah uh, hi everyone. Sorry about this one. Who would have thought that Aaron was the glue that bound this podcast together? Who would have known that his Bavarian exodus would have such an impact upon our quality? Well, we tried.

I think we talked about Star Wars? We talked about some uh... World of Warcraft! Witcher 3! I think there was some other stuff in there.  Madden 2000? NFL Fever! Halo 2!

I don't even know what else happened. Stick around for our very special outro, performed by none other than Ludacris!

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