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Guys I don't know if you knew this but they are finally putting Sakura into Street Fighter V  (did I watch the trailer again while grabbing the link to it? Goddamn right I did!) and Aaron, at least, is pretty goddamn excited about it. Excited enough to send frantic text messages to his friends at 3am, anyway. 

You might not be quite as excited as Aaron is, but don't worry! We don't just talk about Sakura the whole show - in fact, we cover a wide variety of things including... hmm, I'm seeing "Street Fighter II" here, as well as "Street Fighter 30th edition" and "playing Street Fighter on the SNES Classic." Oh, and Sunset Overdrive, The Spider Cave, pooping in the dark, Knights of the Old Republic II, and maybe a brief acknowledgement that we all saw The Last Jedi and are very much not going to talk about it on the show. Oh, and maybe next week we'll get around to discussing that Destiny 2 expansion, but none of us have played it yet, so! Come back next week if that's your thing.

Jah bless.

Opening Theme: "Sakura's Theme" - Capcom, Street Fighter V

Closing theme: "Xor Connection" - Stephane Picq, Commander Blood

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I am confident that I could leave you with nothing but the title and that would be enough of a reason to listen to this finely crafted podcast, now featuring 100% less chewing noise than the last one that Paul was on. Instead, the three gentlemen with aspirations of podcasting are coming at you with the hottest fire available to them, that is to say that Battlefield II is still kind of a garbage non-fun game, Splatoon 2 is a harsh mistress, and Puzzle Fighter has Hot Ryu.

Hot. Ryu.

Also Julia is on this podcast, isn't it adorable? It's super professional. Super Profesh.

Opening theme: "Sweet Blue Flag" - Jun Fukuda, Killer7

Closing theme: "Xor Connection" - Stephane Picq, Commander Blood

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