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Right off the top here, let me warn you that from about 12:30 to uh, 36:00 there is a serious chance that we spoil some part of Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, so if that bothers you, then you should probably skip those bits!

We started way earlier but got sidetracked by American McGee and his Alice games (both of 'em!) so the spoiler warning we give at the top of the show is basically useless.

After we finally have our conversation about Senua, we veer into the worlds of Final Fantasy for a bit, reminiscing about the MMOs and MMOs in general. Then it gets real D&D real fast.

And that's basically the rest of the show. Cheers!

Opening Theme: "Flying on the Wings of Steam (Remix)" - Chris Vrenna, American McGee's Alice Original Musical Score.

Closing theme: "Xor Connection" - Stephane Picq, Commander Blood.

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Surprise, Aaron and Matt are back at it again with another hot track for your listening pleasure. While they talk, why not enjoy some roast beef? Put it in your mouth and savor its fine flavor. They sure as hell did! 

While you're enjoying that good mouth sounds of Matt eating roast beef, stick around and listen to some other mouth sounds, like their discussions on video games and of course pooping a lot, plus: Mayo’s cause is righteous, college mail, deli talk, chicken parms, audio woes, Hellblade is super fucking good, Pyre, Destiny 2 for like a second, wurms, dev documentaries, and other nonsense.

We are on a new recording setup because Cast has been unreliable so hopefully this all wound up sounding nice and good! If it did not then we are really in trouble, huh? There were some moments where our mics adjusted themselves and... not sure why that happened, but whatever I think it still sounds fine. Sorry for any peaking.

Opening theme: "Theme of F.A.N.G." - Capcom, Street Fighter V


Closing Theme: So'ne Musik - Deichkind, NIVEAU WESHALB WARUM

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Well, we tried.

It's been a while, and we came to this podcast loaded for bear, which is precisely why we spent so much of it talking about Shin Godzilla and Pro Wrestling Entertainment. You know, video games!

Fear not! We also talk about the young, dumb, and full of uh... mayo Splatfest currently happening (as of this recording anyway) in Splatoon 2, which is a game that is very good!

Then some other stuff happens? I don't know, I have a very poor short-term memory and in spite of promising to take notes while recording every time, I have yet to actually do that. Look, it'll be a surprise for all of us. I'll be right there with you, hearing the whole thing again for the first time.

EDIT: Cast messed up and couldn't quite fix it, so enjoy Matt's precognitive abilities.

Opening theme: "A Cruel Angel's Thesis" - Yoko Takahashi, Zankoku na Tenshi no These/Fly Me to the Moon

Closing theme: "Xor Connection" - Stephane PicqCommander Blood

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