Please Do Not Turn Off Your Console

Man, get the fuck out of here with all that bread. This is a burger, not a club sandwich. What the hell are you doing with your time, Michael Donald? Your overuse of bread will be your undoing.

Boy, we sure did talk a lot about the brave hero Ray Smuckles and the lands of Fire Emblem this episode! We also talked about Not a Hero! Matt doesn't really like the writing in Not a Hero! The writing in Fire Emblem is probably not worth mentioning? It exists, certainly, but I don't know that everyone's come to the yard for the writing, you know what I mean?

Anyway, there was something that Matt wanted me to link in the show notes but he forgot to send the link my way and I really don't feel like looking it up! Check @costabiled and maybe he'll put it there.

Maybe you want to watch Aaron play a game, or perhaps Paul; maybe you'd prefer Matt? The choice is yours.

Find our Youtube page HERE.

Opening theme: "Back to the Light" - Jun Fukuda, Killer7

Closing theme: "Xor Connection" - Stephane Picq, Commander Blood

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