Please Do Not Turn Off Your Console

You must not drink this ginger ale. It is too raw and real for you, it was never intended to be consumed. You must let it pass you by, and thank the gods that it never passed your lips. We have other things to discuss. Video games, perhaps. Perhaps you will find succor in this discussion.

Also discussed: Reverse Adult Snuggles, Deutschlandradio, Tissue talk, seltzer vs still, soda stories, gingerale mythbusters, Chappie, Streaming Video Content, Watts for days, double updates, Destiny, KOF XIV, SFV, antiquing. 

Here's the article on Vernor's Ginger Ale

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Hey look, I can't be on the top of my game every time, okay? Sometimes you're going to get a bad title.

Paul returns to the podcast and brings with him Sam to talk Destiny: Rise of Iron, but not before a brief digression into Gears of War, Halo 5, Red Dead Redemption, and maybe Skyrim? I dunno.

Uh, I was supposed to put some links in here, wasn't I?

That dude's patreon:

That one Mafia III video:

Man, I'm tired.

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Did you know that Germany has a holiday to celebrate not being split into East and West anymore? Well you do now, and so does Aaron, who walked to work anyway. Fortunately between you and me, he could probably use the exercise, so it wasn't a big loss. Paul was feeling lazy, so Matt and Aaron took over again, and bring what is probably their most coherent podcast yet, which means that they actually talk about some video games!

What video games, you ask? Well, how about h a c k m u d? Or FFXV? Or some other stuff, like dinner times, Ric Flair, Cobra, Jeepers Creepers, Snakes on a Plane, Salty Bet, [adult swim], Inuyasha, Destiny, Hunter the Lynx, Hot Linux Distros, SFV, Melty Blood,  and CEOtaku?

Yes I know, not all of those were games. Shut up.I also know these aren't the usual intro and outros. Look, I still don't have my PC, okay? 

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