Please Do Not Turn Off Your Console

Nobody's willing to talk to him about it either, because he's Lobo and in denial. But we all want to make sure he knows that we support him and are ready to talk about his problem when he's comfortable. 

Also discussed: childhood piano lessons, D4, Watchmen, Mortal Kombat, and uh... wrestling. Look, it won't happen again.

Video games!

Opening theme is Back to the Light by Jun Fukuda. Closing theme is Ain't No Sunshine, by DMX.

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Early in the show I knew precisely what the title for this podcast was going to be. It sprung from my head, fully formed, like unto Athena from the forehead of Zeus. It would have been magical, y'all. Instead you get this shit. I lost it. All is lost.

A lot of talk this week about sad teens making tough decisions, as Aaron played some more Life is Strange, saw the ending, and played some Oxenfree (also TRIMPS. Send help). Paul, meanwhile, was all about his Pocket Mortys and a discussion about Matt's Lumberjacking habit and free to play stuff in general, including something about a Ghost in the Shell shooter? Also: PET TALK.


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David Bowie is dead and that's utter garbage, but we pulled ourselves out of our funk and brought you a podcast about video games. We played a lot of those, actually, and talk about Skyrim, Syndicate, CODBLOPS III, Satellite Reign, Bloodborne, Kings Quest, and UBERMOSH.

Go play UBERMOSH right now.

Also, the Oculus is real expensive and piracy might be DOOOMED. 

Oh, and at some point Paul sounds like he's calling into local sports radio, but that's how it goes sometimes.

Opening music was Rebel Rebel, off Diamond Dogs. Closing music was Queen Bitch, off Hunky Dory.

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Look, Aaron had a cold and this all got a little weird, okay? Enjoy listening to his husky, congested voice as we discuss Cibele, Invisible Inc., Undertale, Rogue Galaxy, Pathologic (sort of), and other stuff.

Most importantly we chat about 2016, and Aaron performs COMMERCE LIVE and UNCENSORED.

Also wait the Witness is out this month? And Hyper Light Drifter too? Be still, our beating hearts.

Opening music is Back to the Light by Jun Fukuda off of Killer 7. Closing music is Rave On, by Masafumi Takada, also off of Killer 7.

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