Please Do Not Turn Off Your Console

It's a Matt and Aaron week, so you know we're going to give you the best podcast you'll ever hear from us this week at this particular moment in time. Aaron is briefly freaked out by the sheer number of episodes they've done up until this point, but we get over that looming milestone and instead get down to the nitty gritty of video games, namely Persona 5 and, strangely enough, Diablo III. Diablo III is very good and you should play it.

Also discussed: Fast and Furious talk, Super Metroid on the Switch, Nintendo Follies, plane games, the bells, maximum skeletons, Destiny 2 and maybe some other stuff I can't remember right now.

Maybe you want to watch Aaron play a game, or perhaps Paul; maybe you'd prefer Matt? Also, sometimes we stream on Beam! The choice is yours.

Find our Youtube page HERE.

Opening theme: "Theme of F.A.N.G." - Capcom, Street Fighter V

Closing theme: "Xor Connection" - Stephane Picq, Commander Blood

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