Please Do Not Turn Off Your Console

We hit a rolling start this week because sometimes the best way to get back into the swing of things is to just go, you know what I mean? Just get out there and do the damn thing. Did it work out? You shall be the judge of that, my friends.

Come for the bad Australian accents, but stay for the nuanced breakdown of a Dark Souls II stream, Mass Effect (Andromeda), what's on SyFy, rubbery Keanu Reeves, Horny Potter, Beamin', and other assorted nonsense that I literally can't remember even though we just finished talking about it. This bitchin' guitar, probably:

Maybe you want to watch Aaron play a game, or perhaps Paul; maybe you'd prefer Matt? Also, sometimes we stream on Beam! The choice is yours.

Find our Youtube page HERE.

Opening theme: "Back to the Light" - Jun Fukuda, Killer7

Closing theme: "Xor Connection" - Stephane Picq, Commander Blood

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